The Mystic

There is a deep, strange element in the travellers character, which finds no  understanding or knowledge in the stayed, regimented and boring personality of the empire builder, but which is so much in accord with spirituality that he who truly feels it with love is often disposed to limit material possessions and power, if not neglect them all together. It is a dreamy mysticism; an infinite semi-supernaturalism. The authoritative mystic wants us to accept his concepts and perseptions thus he expands his system into definite categories dressing it up in technology and making it complicated, restrictive and often difficult to learn which in the end proves to be the only mystery in it. The traveller’s in their degrees of culture offer no system which enables them to be more open to respond to what their senses allude to  and feel so much more than those bound by the rules of man. The difference between true and imitation mysticism is that the former takes no form. But even here religious creeds try to own it and wing clip it by pious illumination. But to the traveller nature has always been his real life teacher. It was from a constant changing environment and our need for change that our spirituality; which is ultimate freedom, came into being.

John Audet

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