A natural spirit (part 1)

What is natural?

Is it unbridled and uncivilised

Is it doing whatever you like with scant regard for others

Is it claiming you are not hurting anyone so why not

Is it self-indulgence

Is it uncaring so long as you are fine

Is it no rules

Is it chaos so others cannot enjoy their life

Is it not accepting responsibility for the way things are

Is it about being around for the good time

Is it all about me?

Natural is the freedom your spirit enjoys when you are in complete control of self and act according to who and what you are and in the context of the culture to which you belong.

Natural is a state where you do what you say you do because you understand what you are.

Natural is the justification that decides how comfortable you are with your self-worth.

Natural encourages you to follow your own path to immortality.

John Audet

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  1. ProfessionalsintheSuburbs May 1, 2012 at 9:23 am Permalink

    Brilliant this, not the wild indifferent state many mistake for natrual and free.

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