A natural spirit (part3)

Developing your natural spirit.

The indomitable spirit is a philosophy of determination.

It is about staying on a course of action that you think is right even though it is not always convenient. It is also about taking responsibility for your circumstances and not expecting someone else to do it for you.

You can develop your natural spirit by learning to nurture your sense of self-reliance. Learn to depend on your judgement by being honest in the way that you see yourself and by accepting responsibility for your actions.

You will always be required to put effort in your life but do not presume that because you have tried your best that the result will always be as you hoped. Practice what you need to practice, for its own sake. Then, when you have done all you can, accept whatever happens as the way it should be.

Maintain a strong work ethic and always give value for money. Don’t be guilty of taking short cuts and give less than you have agreed to just because you can.

Always be clear in the way that you act and the way that you speak. Respond to situations immediately and experience the moment. Trusting in yourself gives you the power to do what is necessary to extract the most from any situation.

Allow your intuition to gain experience by not invading it with your intellect. Intuition is instantaneous. When you foster self-belief there is no need for you to think, just let it happen.  If your intuition is helping someone else, be kind in your delivery.

Learn to understand things without words or explanations. You can do this by the practice of the various types of contemplation exercises; their practice will put you in a position to understand things without someone else’s opinion or slant on them and you will see things for what they are, not for what you are told they are.

Your intuition is not your instinct. Intuition is about letting things flow through you randomly and unsolicited. Your instinct is a conditioned response.

Become knowledgeable and develop wisdom, free from any mental steering from either you or anyone else. Let your progress become natural and evolve in its own way. If you can see it, do it. If you think about it, it’s gone.

Experience your reality the way that truth is to you. There is no need to colour it.

There is no conscious effort required for you to attain a naturalness of spirit. Just let it flow through all of your being and into everything that you do.

It is important to realise your potential as a human being and develop in every area of your life. Your daily life is the best teacher there is.

Learn to become more observant and aware of your ways. When you are around other people observe your own behaviour and how you change. Is this you? Note how others behave in your company and approach every situation for what it is. Nothing more and nothing less. Do not be concerned about the perceived importance of any situation, when it is time to act, simply act. Be decisive. Say what needs to be said in the nicest and most truthful way that you can. Do what needs to be done.

Be spontaneous and above all, let your personality shine through all that you do.

John Audet

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