Not long ago

This is an ancient fable that is well worth telling in the relevant language of today.

Not long ago, on a beautiful, warm and sunny autumn day that just had a hint of the cool eastern wind that blows so gently this time of year, Joshua was walking along the verge of the Fitzroy River, which was quite lush and green. The river had overflowed its banks during the mid-summer rain and when the waters receded back to their usual level many Flathead had been stranded in the now dried up water-pools. Their shrivelled carcasses lay rotting in the warm sun. It was only the year before that cyclone Larry had caused even more havoc. He strolled leisurely with his grandson.

“How delightfully the fish are enjoying themselves in the water!” Exclaimed Joshua.

His grandson taken back by his grandfather’s remark spoke to him thus;

“How do you know that the fish are enjoying themselves?”

“You are not me” explained Joshua.

“How do you know that I do not know that the fish are enjoying themselves?”

John Audet

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