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In my quest to remain as healthy as I possibly can, it has become increasingly important that every aspect of me takes part in this maintenance program. So not only must my physical side be kept in the best shape that I can keep it in but also my mind, my spirit and most important of all, my attitude. This is where self-suggestion comes into the equation.

Self-suggestion is the agency of communication between conscious thought, be it plus or minus, and the activation of instructions from the subconscious mind. Self-suggestion is the vehicle for influencing the sub-conscious mind.

With the aid of the five senses and the analytical side of my brain I have consciously worked out what it is that I want and with the medium of self-suggestion, I have taken personal control over what instructions reach my subconscious mind. My conscious brain communicates the object of my desire directly to my internal brain in a spirit of absolute faith.

There is one thing that I have discovered and that is that my subconscious does not respond well to the cold, repetition of words in dull monotones.  The more emotion that I put into my instructions the greater is my belief in success. But in order for my suggestions to become real, I have to be consistent and keep at it until that desire becomes a burning obsession. My subconscious accepts directions with absolute faith but only if I continually reinforce my desires by repeating them over and over.

The constant repetition of your objective to your subconscious will create the practical means for you to achieve your goals. You do not have to wait for the total plan of achievement to act out, when things occur to you, put them into action immediately. Treat these thoughts with respect and act upon them straight away. Surrendering your desires to your subconscious to give you the guidance to take appropriate action is the key to success but you must persist in your efforts. Belief in your ability to attain your goals is a state of mind which is created by repeated instructions to your subconscious. When the vibration of thought is blended with your subconscious mind it is translated into its spiritual equivalent and subsequently transmits your thoughts into reality. Convince your subconscious that you believe you have what you want and it will act on that belief. All thoughts that have been given feeling and mixed with faith will translate into their physical equivalent. Act as if it is already happening and faith will make it happen. Perfection comes with practice, not by reading instructions.

In my next post I will talk about sub-conscious time and its confidence building value.

John Audet

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    I’ll start practicing straight away.

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