I have trodden

I have trodden

I have trodden the garden path of my soul and I cannot fail to remember

How my spirit became so innocent

 As I walked in the twilight of the fading day as it made its way for night’s subtle light.

How effortlessly I stepped amongst the bracken and the cycads, forever green

And how I seemed to glide over the irregularities of the stepping-stones

Beneath which lay the dried, crackling leaves of yesterday’s glory.

Or how I passed beside the moss covered granite rocks

And became spiritualised above ordinary thoughts.

I may be in the midst of a city

And yet feel as if I were in the forest of tranquillity, far away

From the insecurity and noise of civilisation.

Such is the randomness of the uninhibited spirit that can produce such feelings of serenity.

John Audet

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