Self-discipline The key to power Part 6.


The key to power

Part 6.


I wrote in earlier posts as to why I’ve set about writing this blog. I found that after I got over the initial shock about the state of my health I scrutinized the events of my life. I intensified my practice. I noticed psychological and emotional changes happening to me. I was feeling different. In the early few days/month it made me very, very tired. My dedication was being tested. It was taxing me. It was like some inner power was saying, “Well John do you really want this? Do you really want to leave something worthwhile behind? You are going to die anyway it’s just a question of whether you go today/tomorrow or in five years’ time but you are going to die; should you just give in to the inevitable now and you can lie down and take it easy and someone can nurse you and soothe your brow and just wait to die.” My motives were being severely questioned. But that wasn’t the way of it. I looked around at my acquaintances, my children and I thought why would I put this burden on them? Yes, I am going to die. Every one of us is going to die at some stage. Whether it is this week or next year to me now has become irrelevant what has become relevant is that during this time that I have, that I have a quality of existence. I have a quality of life where I am productive and worthwhile and as my physical abilities become more and more limiting and I become more and more chair and bedbound that these changes should not hinder the quality of my life. It will mean that yes I will have to change what I do and how I do it. I may not be able to walk with my dog at some time in the future. So once that is gone is that a negative thing? No, it’s the progression. Am I succeeding? Yes I am because with whatever I have got left I am going to make the most of it and make sure that I’ve got something worthwhile to offer the community at large. Something that will give me immortality. After all, immortality is about leaving something behind so that someone else can advance their lives. Think of all the great people in history that you have heard off  that have achieved the maximum with their lives, be it good or bad but they have taken their lives to the limits of possibility so that other people who  have come up behind them have been able to advance their concepts further and further. How do you think medicine could have advanced? We didn’t just wake up one day in the 20th century and have doctors. Every doctor that has practised medicine over hundreds/thousands of years has offered a contribution. Wherever people have tried to cure the sick they have all built on what the previous person did. We may not know their names and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they did something worthwhile so that someone else could use their efforts to build and enhance their own lives. That is what self-discipline will do for you if you have the determination to turn your life around and decide that what you want is worthwhile and worthy of your success. Your success is not what the government wants. If the two fit together, that’s fine but it’s what you want that matters. Then and only then you will take the positive, necessary and decisive steps that you need to take in order to achieve the success that you want. And success will be yours. It will be yours in whatever it is that you wish to achieve. You will look at your life and say “Yeah, I did that. This is my contribution. This is what I have decided is something worthwhile.”  No one has told you, you decided and you are using all of your resources and all of your power to do it. Unlike the discipline administered from elsewhere where you are forced to do things and punished if you don’t. When your discipline is self-administered the only punishment you will receive is you don’t get what you want if your desire is not strong enough. Your power is not invested elsewhere; your power is vested in you. You are the one who has the power to do these things and become everything that you could possibly wish to be.

John Audet

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