Pure Water

Pure Water


Life is in itself like pure water that flows from the eternal spring of random fate and shows neither malevolence, nor favour, nor character.

For even though your soul may be immersed within it so will your circumstances become joyous, or sad.

And though you are presented with countless challenges along the way it would seem each quest that you have to embark upon contains a gem of heroism but even then your heroic deed once completed is no more, forgotten.

Nothing befalls us that is not the nature of ourselves.

There is no event that comes to your soul that does not shape your everyday thoughts and worthwhile deeds are offered to those who for many long years have been heroes in obscurity and silence.

And whether you aspire to your highest peak or you journey to the end of your Universe or merely walk away no one but yourself shall you meet on the highway of destiny.

You become that which you discover in the sorrows and joys that befall you and the least expectant crevasses of random fate soon mould themselves to your thought.

It is in your past that destiny finds all her weapons.

A sadness that your soul has changed into sweetness is a sorrow that you never return from without spiritual ornament.

A fault that you have looked in the face can harm you no more.

For when the worst of deeds has been done and grave misfortune has happened it is still within us to afford the least effect on that which shall come to pass in our soul.

Nothing can affect your spirit unless it is first incorporated into your mind.

It is by the very act of acceptance that it undergoes a transformation which in the lesser person may change the best external things into poison and bitterness but it is the sage who is able to convert the worst of external facts into benevolence and purpose.

John Audet

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