When your problems surround you the best way to counter their effects is to be systematic in your approach to them.

As the world and your problems close in around you and everything seems to be coming at you at the same time and from all different directions, all is not lost.

Let your mind be completely unemotional and detached.  

Look at the issues and then judge which problem you are likely to encounter first.

Make this one your priority.

But pay heed, you need to know exactly what the situation is.

That is, how serious is this problem and when will it come to a head.

Then decide on your course of action.

Once you have decided show no hesitation or hint of reluctance in your actions.

Turn your vulnerability into an asset by making your first move with honesty, integrity and most importantly, an alternative plan of action.

Take with you the idea that you want the problem to be reassessed and a mutually acceptable conclusion reached.

Whatever happens always assume that you will be successful in disarming the situation.

By being the first to come forward you have a better chance of dealing with the situation in an orderly and defined fashion.

Without allowing any time elapses state your case strongly.

If you have no positive solution to offer stalling for time with each of your problems will do you no good and serve no benefit.

In fact it will make your own inevitable demise worse.

Neither will meeting each problems as it comes at you pretending that you are not stressing over something that you can do little about.

This only prolongs and exaggerates problem.

Learn more about why you have problems and how they have got to this point.

Then go about working in ways within what has happened so that your problems are no longer problems.

John Audet

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