The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

There are those amongst us that as yet have not discovered the secret of how to meaningfully enjoy their own presence on this confused desert of irrelevant mishaps which we call life. And all the while they vainly try to appear happy and contented. Whilst in their heart they stagger and stumble in their attempts to find significance and an ethical balance to their existence, yet all they ever see is gloom and doom in every storm cloud that floats across the sky.

Accept that there is joy and spiritual contentment brought about by the sweeping winds of change as they chop and churn and disappear towards a seemingly endless eternity. Why not embrace this spirit and ride the Mystical Dragon upon the hurricane itself?  Let the last moments of your life be as exquisite and enchanting as has been your life. For if you are able to find harmony with the great rhythm of the universe you will ever be prepared to enter the unknown.

John Audet

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