Be cheerful and willing to enjoy your life.

Life is not Purgatory.

It is a journey of many things. It has obstacles and mishaps and many situations that need to be overcome. You can make life a wondersome journey of adventure; one full of joy or you can turn it into a constant state of misery.

When you are optimistic in your outlook you will always be focused on the good things that life has to offer. This no matter how negative your state of affairs may appear to be.

Always try to be of good humour and see the lighter side of every situation and you will enjoy what you do.

You do not have to be entertained all the time nor need you expect others to make you happy.

If you have a job, appreciate the opportunity to support yourself and fill it with achievement by doing the best that you can.

Enjoy solitude.

Enjoy company.

Be moderate in your tastes and do not over-indulge just because you can; take care of your body.

And always make the effort to be pleasant to those that you come in contact with.

Improve your circumstances by your own efforts not at the expense of others.

Be pleased and satisfied with what you have rather than criticising yourself or others if things do not turn out the way you intended.


As my thoughts move with joy

As my words express my pleasure

As my actions fulfil my desires

As my life generates my way

As my soul inspires my optimism

As I am happy.

John Audet

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