A Wise Man

A Wise Man


He is never bothered or disturbed that his first account does not agree or even contradicts with his last statement. He is not in the habit of being troubled about anything that he has said and he knows that no one has ever learned anything about life without first realising that it is full of contradictions and ambiguities and not to be astonished at any little inconsistencies. Charming and poised and a mind as sharp as a Samurai Long Sword he does not lower himself to be put out by trivial and non-urgent matters. He knows that the world is made up of supposed truisms to which he expresses the utmost indifference either for a Clergyman’s blessing or for Lucifer’s curse and he retaliates by not caring whether you like him or dislike him, whether the world exalts his praises or is repulsed by his presence. In all ages and in all lands the Sage has always been this droning indifference, and goes through life playing its simple melody.

John Audet

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