Just Appearances

Just Appearances


Everything has an image, sound and colour; but these are just appearances.

So how is it possible for one thing to be different from another and why is it that some things are considered more important than its alternative?

Are they not all sounds and colours and nothing more?

But everything is born from what is formless and descends into what is changeless.

If you understand these words then there is little that can interfere with your path.

It means being able to reside within limits that have no limit, be secluded within boundaries which have no beginning, ramble to were both the beginning and the end of all life is; combine and harmonise your essential nature and by following this path commune with the origin of all life.

You will guard your unity with heaven, your spirit will be without fault and thus your understanding of all things grows.

John Audet

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  1. Jim Parrish April 7, 2013 at 4:04 pm Permalink

    My personal belief is everything in our universe is energy. It becomes form when we name it. Perception is complicated by our level of enlightenment. As we ascend we are capable of perceiving at that level. I think Buddha believed enlightenment was presenting knowledge without expectations.
    When I achieve silence in my meditation the change I need occurs without request. I am not capable of asking for what I need because my needs and wants often conflict.

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