The Nature of Equality Part 1.

The Nature of Equality Part 1.


This post has been written with the intent that some illumination can be shone on a concept of reality so basic and understandable that most of us seem to be totally unaware of its existence. Equality is not a complicated matter. It is available to all. It is the mal-intention of those that want too much and those that want too little that clouds the issue. The dualist approach to equality is not a belief system that professes that everyone should have the same possessions and thoughts. But rather that every living soul should have the opportunity to live in harmonious conjunction with their circumstances and their tendencies. That every living thing can have and be the things that will lead to their own immortality. It is my hope that this post will help you to direct your thoughts towards an understanding that there are differences and there are choices.

How do I explain a concept so easy to understand yet it defies the use of words? I don’t. But I can offer you somewhere to start. A little direction and the hope that you will travel your own path to enlightenment.

What is dualism? There is no conscious definition that I can offer within the scope of my vocabulary. I refer to these workings as what is and what is not because I do not know any other words that come close to providing an adequate explanation. These references however are not the real ones. But they are all that I can give you. It defies a true description yet it is able to be understood by all. It is in the manifestations of dualism where you will find the answer.

He who speaks of this

Does not know it


He who knows of it does not

Speak of it.

Study these immortal lines well. And although they apparently contradict each other you will be introduced to something that will take you beyond all rational explanation.

But you must go there to know

Yet you cannot bring it back

All explanation denied

All concept personal

Words cannot say because of what it is, they are not. They cannot describe, nor can they convey the truth because words by their very nature are limited. But words can give you clear directions on where to go to find out.

John Audet

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