I’d like to see an end

I’d like to see an end


I’d like to see an end to charity work.

I’d like to see an end to old people filling in

their days volunteering their labour

just to maintain human contact.

Performing labour they would not do when they were in

the workplace because then their leisure time was so



I’d like to see the end of reliance and the

beginning of self-sufficiency.


I don’t want to see another person collecting

money in the pubs on Friday nights;


despising the drink yet profiting from it and

conveniently forgetting the ways of the man they follow.


I don’t want the addicted to be the way to



I don’t want good deeds towards the

unfortunate to be the entry ticket to eternity.


I’d like to see the day when people realise that the attainment

of immortality is not based on the demise of


But only on the purity of one’s soul.

John Audet

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