When you see a person grieving over his loss of a loved one or suffering the melancholy and self-doubt that arises from having endured a great mental or physical loss take care that the appearance you give is not one that you will later regret. By not treating his current situation as if he has a contagious disease that will take your life but to be mindful of his demise. Make an immediate distinction in your mind and be in readiness to understand that it is not what has happened that afflicts this man, for it does not afflict another, but it is his opinion about this situation in which he finds himself which afflicts him. So far as words are concerned then do not be unwilling to show him sympathy and if it happens that you can offer comfort and material help, then do so and lament with him. But take care that you do not lament internally also.

Because no matter what the circumstances and consequences you must maintain your own equilibrium and plot a steady course if your help is to be genuine and worthwhile.

John Audet

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