The Steps System

The Steps System.


In times gone by, a man came up with some rather different ways by which he was able to live his life by. Though it was not always so, he, eventually, worked out that if he wanted the world to be a better place he needed to start with himself. So he looked at what he considered his own weaknesses and failings and how these habits and tendencies were making him unhappy and dissatisfied with his life. He thought that if he could learn how to resolve these conditioned responses to his environment he could become a more natural, spontaneous and caring individual. It did take him a long time and he had many unintentional indiscretions along the way. But, eventually, he found his right path and so it seems others decided to follow his example and use his attitudes to life and make the world a better place. These are my interpretations of these attitudes.

What is your view of life?

Is it your view? Is it the law, social convention? Are you thinking this way to please someone? Do you have a choice? Do you resent thinking this way? Is it an excuse for failure or a crutch for your inadequacies? Are you too lazy to formulate your own ideas?

What are your intentions?

Are you doing things because they are free all because you want to? Trying to do good things armed with as much information as possible. Are your intentions always good in your opinion? Do you wish malice on others? Do you wish to do them harm? Is everything you do done to the best of your ability?

How do you speak to and of others?

Do you swear, offer criticism or have an overbearing manner that you use to intimidate people? Do you use rude insulting language? Are you unnecessarily loud in your speech or use offensive language that shows a lack of respect for people’s positions? Why do you think you have a right to say what you think whenever you like?

What is your manner of conduct?

What is the example that you set to others? Do you impose yourself on others? Do you have an offensive manner? Do you always show respect when you are in other people’s homes and places of work? Do you profess one thing but do something else? How do you administer your business affairs? How do you behave to children, older people and strangers?

Is your livelihood honourable?

Are you doing the best job that you can? Is it the right job for you? Or should you be trying to find another line of work. Is the only reason the money? Are you suitably qualified as a person to do this work? Are you exploiting the ignorant, the weak or the vulnerable? Are you capitalising on your position of education, intelligence and social respect to be wealthy and honoured because of illness and the mistakes of others?

Are your efforts the best they can be?

Do you put in a fair days work for a fair days pay? Do you make sure that you maintain balance not only in work situations but in your life? What about your relationships, not only your loved ones but with others? Do you give a helping hand when you can? Are you friendly and courteous to strangers? Do you put the effort into creating a more pleasant environment wherever you go?

Are you mindful of your environment?

Are you aware of the things around you? Plants, birds, animals, people, feelings, consideration and compassion. Are you aware of doing things differently, looking at change and making the necessary adjustments? Do you remind yourself of what you do and how it affects others? Are you conscious of the needs of others and what you can do to make things better for them?


Do you try to gain insight by stilling your mind? Do you spend time each day sitting quietly in contemplation clearing your mind with no distractions; just by yourself, just listening to your own heartbeat, your own pulse? Just feeling, just being.

For a long time now this method of dividing one’s life into areas of improvement has helped people to lead a more wholesome existence and brought joy and comfort to others.

John Audet

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