His Dole Money

His Dole Money


He still hasn’t found a job though he has had lots of promises.

But today he got his dole money.

He brought a single burner cooker and a four-pack of gas cylinders, a frying pan and some food.

Hardly able to contain himself he couldn’t get to the free camp quick enough to cook his first hot meal in weeks. Eggs and beef mince, what a delicacy! This he ate straight from the frying pan using his only utensil, a spoon. God, it tasted good. He sat there letting it digest.

But evening was coming on and he almost forgot his almost new tent and the second hand air mattress that he got from Vinnie’s that as yet had to be blown up with the hand pump that came with it. No sleeping in the passenger seat tonight. No, this was five-star nomad style accommodation.

Next fortnight, maybe if he doesn’t eat too much of the expensive tucker like tonight, he can afford one of those electric pumps that you attach to the car battery to blow up the air mattress and maybe a chair after that. Now with good food and all the creature comforts that a man could wish for; he was as ready as anyone to take on the world.

60 and no skills,


His campfire blazing with the old pieces of ironbark that had lain scattered on the surrounding ground taking the edge of the evening chill he sat on a rock and appreciated how fortunate he was,

A full stomach, a little time to admire the beauty of the camp-fire and a good night’s sleep. Everything in the world is fine.

John Audet

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