Stress Free

Stress Free


Whoever lessens his work load and expands his leisure time should  have the common sense enough to use his leisure time to expand his horizons and make it fully productive and thus to  eradicate worry and anxiety altogether. Useless non-productive leisure time and senseless worry reek of foolishness in the list of grievous human errors.

Live your life with a clear separation of its different aspects so that your worries, stresses and issues are kept in worry-proof containers; what happens in the workplace stays in the workplace.  Work hard and give every project the best you have for its intended duration. Then when it is over never let the cares of work overlap and intrude on your valuable and precious precincts of your well-earned leisure time. Do not allow the strain of your remembered workload or of any anticipated future toil spoil your time for rest and recreation. But some things are bound to go wrong in everyday life and the more we participate in life the more likely we are to have worry and frustration try to cross over and take over our life. And that is our misfortune.

There is no need to brood over our misfortunes and grieve over the way some things have turned out after they have since gone or dreading them in gloomy anticipation before they happen.

 If either in anticipation or in retrospect these evils are permitted to darken the hours when they are absent that is not your misfortune; it is your stupidity and your fault.

John Audet

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