The use of words, sounds, noises and audible devices as a method of bypassing the conscious to enter the subconscious is very old. In recent times these methods have often got themselves an undeserved reputation because of their exploitation for gain by unscrupulous profiteers.

This technique of achieving calmness is simply the use of a single word or phrase to occupy the conscious mind whilst your sub-conscious enables your spirit to be what it naturally is. The word/s or phrase should always be one that you are comfortable with. It should have no secret meaning and should not contain anything that you do not understand. The word/s should be easy to pronounce, simple and easy to remember. It also needs to be short and uncomplicated. You must have no conflict or any conjuring of memories with the word/s used.

If you are fortunate enough to have a teacher and you wish to follow their advice make sure that the word/s used are in a language with which you are very familiar. You should completely understand the meaning of the word/s. If you accept a word/s that you are not fully conversant with on someone else’s say-so, you are offering that person external control of your soul. That person’s intentions may not always be consistent with your own. In the same way your word/s should not be a secret between you and another. Once again you are making yourself vulnerable to someone else’s directions.

There are many words that can be appropriate. Once you are familiar with the technique and comfortable with what you are doing explore and experiment with different words, phrases and sounds until you find one that fits you exactly.

Right words

Will invoke

Right actions

But caution

Those words

You choose

Once said

Are reality

This is how I do this meditation. I use it on a regular basis and certainly in time of confusion and trouble.

Get yourself into a comfortable position.

Back support is important here but preferably not in a lying position. Open your eyes wide and fix your gaze on a spot or object.

Then stare at that spot until your eyes want to close. Take three deep breaths.

Close your eyes. Continue to take deep breaths. And say to yourself:

“I am at peace with myself.”

Repeat this over and over breathing deeply and letting whatever happens, happen.

While still maintaining a totally passive attitude.

Just let everything be as it is.

Let thoughts come and go.

“I am at peace with myself.”

“I am at peace with myself.”


When the inclination occurs open your eyes and say audibly:




A simple technique that will produce amazing results. It gives your mind a rest from what is going on around you. This technique will focus on a calming and reassuring vagueness that breaks the analytical cycle of worry and concern. All concepts that are not in your best interests disappear. Your subconscious begins to implement those things that will enable you to act in a natural manner towards your own betterment.

This method can be invoked spontaneously. With regular practice you will find that you are able to have a stream lined version. You will be able to use this technique any time and in any situation that calls for a calm and level headed attitude. Which of course is all the time but sometimes more than others. Whenever you are under extreme pressure to perform at your best mumble;

“I am at peace with myself.”


But if you do not put in the regular practice when you are in a comfortable position and not under direct pressure you cannot expect to get the most out of this meditation. The stream lined version can offer you great benefits but they will be insignificant in comparison to what regular practice will give you. Both in time of need and life in general.

John Audet

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