Fear of Success

Fear of Success


Before an enemy can be conquered you need to know its characteristics, its operating system, how it manifests and what it will do to you.


Fear is a state of mind and your mind can be controlled and directed. Everything that you do is first a thought. This thought impulse is then translated into its physical equivalent good or bad. Thoughts can be affected by other people and often will change and alter things just as surely as you can create them yourself. Everyone has the ability to control their own mind and either pickup thoughts or vibrations that others are releasing or shut their mind off and selectively choose those thoughts that are of benefit.

If you want success then you must refuse to accept any form of failure. Your starting point is always knowing what you want and follow its path to attainment. You must create a state of mind that accepts no excuses and takes full responsibility for the attaining of success.

Fear will restrict your reasoning power and destroy your creativity. You will lose your self-reliance, dim your enthusiasm, discourage initiative, lose your perspective and encourage weakness and disinterest. It can take the spark out of your personality and effect straight thinking and scatter your concentration. Fear can destroy your willpower and ambition. It invites disaster into every part of your life. In a world of plenty you are afraid to accept what it is you need to be and do with your life both individually and collectively. Though you may be embarrassed and self-conscious and experience the ridicule of others you must still press on towards your goal.

Here are some of the some of the manifestations that you are harbouring a fear of success.

You are indifferent and show a lack of ambition and readiness to accept whatever life serves you without trying to make it better. You are not prepared to take the initiative or to make any protest when things do not seem to be right with you. You suffer mental laziness.

You are indecisive and let everyone else do your thinking for you.

You foster self-doubt by using excuses that cover up or to explain your failures. You display, by way of criticism, negative attitudes aimed towards those that are successful.

You take on the worries of the world, knowing full-well that you are not going to do anything about them. You are constantly fault finding with others. You over-spend; your personal appearance rarely fits in with your circumstances, miss-use of alcohol and a general lack of self-reliance.

You become over cautious always looking at the negative side of things. Thinking and talking about all the things that can go wrong and not on how to succeed. Knowing every reason why you should fail. Always waiting for the right time; that will never come. Remembering those that have failed and not those who have succeeded.

You put off until tomorrow what should have been done today. You demonstrate a willingness to compromise when you should have stood your ground or over-compromise with difficult circumstances when those conditions can be turned into an advantage. Expecting poverty instead of demanding success. Like attracts like, you find it is easier to associate with losers, that is those who readily expect and experience failure and don’t try to change their situation rather than associating with those who get out there and try to make a better life. Those whose life is moving towards achieving their goals.

John Audet

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