Protecting Your Good Name

Protecting Your Good Name


Neither the protecting of your good name, fame, or your status in society or the high regard in which you are thought off, on the one hand, nor the blame, bad reputation nor failure to attain high rewards on the other, are worth a moment’s care. This understanding guarantees stress free immunity from troubles coming from without. Similarly, disregarding attachments especially to wealth and unneeded possessions will enable one to break away from self-created bondage. Life’s real essentials are seldom hard to come by. The calm acceptance of life’s natural ills, such as poverty, disease and death, are a necessity and accepting part of nature’s plan makes one better able to cope with sorrow. Mankind, as the instigator of most of his own sufferings, can banish sorrow and anxiety by the simple refusal to allow his equanimity to be disturbed by whatever comes along. As, injustice, widespread poverty and other social evils, these would cease if men would refrain from falsely labelling things good and bad, desirable or otherwise. Overburdened activity should be in avoided in favour of spontaneous, mindless activity with which nature succeeds most admirably in accomplishing her ends. To indicate how satisfying that this kind of activity can be, the sage addresses the work of skilled craftsmen; the expert woodcarvers knife flies instinctively to achieve the best results with a beautiful economy of effort; so it is with a skilled athlete who does not need to be thinking the sequence of his actions to ensure perfection.

John Audet


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