Always do your best to avoid conflicts.

Don’t look for confrontations that are likely to end in bad feelings and hostilities.

This includes supposed lively conversations that you may think are exciting and stimulating but in truth only create a festering resentment for challenging someone else’s concepts.

It is a much better idea to keep your opinions to yourself.


If your opinion is sought say what you need to say but do not volunteer information that is not asked for.


Be observant. Know what is going on around you all the time.


Always maintain a calm and peaceful manner and hold your own council in all your affairs. Remain controlled.


Stay away from situations where trouble is likely to arise. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to unnecessary risk


When it becomes obvious that a confrontation is inevitable, walk away before the trouble begins


But if the trouble is unavoidable, work out what constitutes a victory. Though this may not be obvious to others. Then decide how much you are prepared to pay for your victory.


If the price of victory is too high, retreat. Don’t let your pride stand in the way if the conflict is unwinnable.


If you decide to take action prepare yourself well. When the time is right and you are ready and when your opponent least expects it, strike an almighty blow. Swift and efficient and completely without emotion or hesitation.


Negotiate a peaceful solution from a position of strength and always allow the other person their dignity and their honour. Never boast about your success. Always give the other person a way out where their dignity is protected.

John Audet

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