Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking.


Wishful thinking can be very upsetting to others. It may remind them of things that they feel they could have and are drawn into the pattern that they can have more than they have earned. They often feel somewhat victimised by our fanciful indulgences that are so often just an excursion into the world of make-believe. They resent our unreasonable expectations. Wishful thinking is not desire. Wishful thinking erodes true desire and takes away from the value of what we already have. It takes away our present appreciation and emotion for something that we think is better but we will never take positive steps to acquire, other than perhaps buying a Lotto ticket. Wishful thinking is self-indulgent and can create obsessions by causing us to believe that we don’t have what we need consequently we fail to appreciate what we have. We become obsessed with the idea that we can have something for nothing, that we can receive excessive rewards for little effort. This makes our emotions weak and we will eventually stagnate and not see true opportunities to lead a better life.  Our lack of energy will eventually be all-consuming. And like those who surround us our positive attitudes will erode and we too will become a creature of wanting everything yet doing nothing to achieve it.

If you want something put in the effort to get it.

John Audet

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