Limited Attributes

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Limited Attributes


With a finite amount of talent there are those who force their minds and bodies for the sake of money or glory to over extend themselves thereby only to do themselves harm. Instead of demonstrating restraint in the use of one’s powers their peace of mind is replaced by an emphasis on forced action that takes them to their limits with no good results. In fact harm is caused as their resources are plundered and nothing of consequence is left. Sorrow and melancholy become part of everyday which will foster violent, quick to ignite anger that becomes the normality. Giving excessive attention to loved ones as a form of compensation is no better but the same as useless discussions and gossip about which you will do nothing. Drinking copiously and eating oneself into a state of lethargy will only cause more damage by promoting un-healthiness rather than relaxation. Rushing about until one gasps for breath, doing things with such zeal that serenity is lost, allowing the resentment you feel to get out of hand; all these failures will upset the balance of your two poles and are harmful. Those who permit such harm to accumulate throughout the years encourage the death of a youthful soul and speed up the loss of tranquillity and peace.

John Audet

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