Taoism and its resemblance to Buddhism

Taoism and its resemblance to Buddhism.

Taoism resembles Buddhism in being entirely free from dogma. Nevertheless, both these religions demand faith, not in particular principles, for then dogma would be present but in the existence of a higher good, and a higher state of being to which it is possible for us all to attain. What distinguishes true understanding from what passes at the popular level of understanding is  recognition that faith, though essential, is  never enough; immortality or enlightenment has to be won by way of great and sustained effort; neither divinities nor sages nor dedicated priests have the power to bestow it. Attainment or failure rests squarely with each individual. This is a vital truth largely ignored at the popular level. Followers of different religions set great store in often unbelievable magical identities and maintain  that one has to surrender to the dictates of a higher power is completely necessary if salvation is to be attained; whereas amongst serious cultivators of the way, self-mastery and self-attainment are recognised as the sole way to success.

John Audet

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