Walking on Water

Walking on Water

It has been some time since this little incident took place. But it is worth remembering.

Joshua and his grandson were walking along the banks of the Murray in South Australia. It was a beautiful warm day in late spring. As they walked, they, in their own manner were allowing their minds to become blank and therefore receptive enough to take in the scenery and smell the soft, gentle perfumes that evaporate into the air and bond so elegantly with the soil that makes up their beds and gives depth and intensity in one’s appreciation of nature. It was after some twenty minutes or so of this blissful silence when they came across a long-haired, much older man. This grey-haired recluse had sat on the edges of the river for more than 20 years in meditation and had in that time learnt how to walk across the water to the opposite bank.

Not possessing a boat or any other means of transport across the mighty Murray and needing to go to the other side on a regular basis he decided to make it his life long pursuit in the attainment of enlightenment. The only equipment he had was himself.

Down-river a punt ferry service was built. And although very few people came by to listen to his words of wisdom any-more or to bear witness to the old man’s remarkable achievement he continued to practice, though, few cared to know.

“A truly remarkable feat, but surely once he had reached his goal what purpose is there in his continuing this type of meditation?” Enquired the young man.

“Perhaps it is his ego that stands in his way and wishes to be looked upon as a great sage.”

“But why don’t you ask him?”

Joshua’s grandson approached the old master cautiously.

“Mine is the teaching without words but by example .By going forwards and backwards each day I show what inner peace can do. I set an example of what one can achieve. If I were to take this talent and use it to achieve great feats people would consider them great but not understand how to do such great things themselves. By seeing this they will learn what weightlessness and perseverance can do.”

John Audet

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