About John Audet

Master John Audet & Sifu JeffEarly in his life Master John was a high achiever. He gained a doctorate in religious philosophy aged 22 and was a professional athlete and Olympian. Later he became a successful business and family man. When I met him, he was a Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung Master. He was a master of many therapy’s. In the 60s he pioneered the introduction of eastern practices to our society.

Most important to him was being a father. He knew how it felt to have and lose children, to be physically and emotionally devastated, yet live on to attain greatness. He defied modern medical science on several occasions to far outlive his prognosis. That he continued to live a productive and content life is a remarkable demonstration of what he advocated.

As his loyal student, I have experienced many rewards and benefits from the practices and techniques he perfected. To this end I have dedicated myself to promoting the legacy and work of this great master so others can benefit.

Master John’s wisdom and teachings reflect real life in the modern world. His legacy includes his blog and a number of books that offer inspiration, practices for self-cultivation, self-empowerment, overcoming fear of success, and enlightenment on why we fail in life and how we might get the most from life.

Be All I Am is a benevolent society offering simple methods of self-cultivation and self-empowerment. It seeks to help people find and live their life’s purpose for the betterment of humanity.

I believe the truth – starting with our own inner truth – can save humanity.

Regards, Sifu Jeff

Be All I Am is a not for profit benevolent society. Your donation is used for the betterment of humanity.