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Limited Attributes

Limited Attributes   With a finite amount of talent there are those who force their minds and bodies for the sake of money or glory to over extend themselves thereby only to do themselves harm. Instead of demonstrating restraint in the use of one’s powers their peace of mind is replaced by an emphasis on […]

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking.   Wishful thinking can be very upsetting to others. It may remind them of things that they feel they could have and are drawn into the pattern that they can have more than they have earned. They often feel somewhat victimised by our fanciful indulgences that are so often just an excursion into […]

Exposing Your Negatives

Exposing your negatives   How best to protect yourself against negative influences? First and foremost recognise that you are susceptible and by nature lazy and influenced by your own weaknesses. This is where the following self-analysis is designed to help you seek out positive influences, situations and people who can encourage you to be yourself. […]

The Steps System

The Steps System.   In times gone by, a man came up with some rather different ways by which he was able to live his life by. Though it was not always so, he, eventually, worked out that if he wanted the world to be a better place he needed to start with himself. So […]


Cheerfulness   One of the major obstacles in the way of a joyful existence is negative talk. For example, speaking mindless chatter when you have nothing to say, except to make noise for no reason other than to be noticed. Swearing, unnecessary criticism and the uttering of profanities can become such an ingrained habit that […]

I’d like to see an end

I’d like to see an end   I’d like to see an end to charity work. I’d like to see an end to old people filling in their days volunteering their labour just to maintain human contact. Performing labour they would not do when they were in the workplace because then their leisure time was […]

Why do we fail in life? Part 2.

Why do we fail in life? Part 2. . Continuing excuses   Following on from yesterday’s Post, here are some more of the common excuses for our failures. Choosing the wrong person in marriage. A very common reason for failure. Take care that you have some common ground and similar moral beliefs as an alignment […]

The Nature of Equality Part 2.

The Nature of Equality Part 2.   This that is so Is not being If it were It could not be. That which is expressed Is not that.   Change At the perceptual level of existence nothing moves, nothing changes. Nothing comes into existence, nothing goes out of existence. Yet there is nothing that remains […]

The Nature of Equality Part 1.

The Nature of Equality Part 1.   This post has been written with the intent that some illumination can be shone on a concept of reality so basic and understandable that most of us seem to be totally unaware of its existence. Equality is not a complicated matter. It is available to all. It is […]

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