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Mixed Blessings

This is a very old fable that carries a lot of weight and depth. It is the sort of little anecdote that may need to be studied several times.   Mixed Blessings   Learned and influential and the leader of his people He thus spoke to the great master Joshua. “Thou didst bless and ban […]

The Steps System

The Steps System.   In times gone by, a man came up with some rather different ways by which he was able to live his life by. Though it was not always so, he, eventually, worked out that if he wanted the world to be a better place he needed to start with himself. So […]

They Protect This Land

They Protect This Land   There is a deep, silent, life-force that protects this land. That is the guardian of our spirit. Though we profess to seek to improve Instead we let our arrogance control us and we tend to destroy. We do not trouble ourselves to understand. We do not see the adventure that […]

An Un-funny Story

An Un-funny Story   This is a story that a fellow told me whilst we were sitting next to each other at the bar of one of those old, single story pub’s that you find in the outback of North Queensland, all of which boast of a heritage from the 1860’s. You know the ones, […]

The Mind…An Empty Vessel?

The Mind…An Empty Vessel? The mind is not an empty vessel into which ready-made impressions of external things are dumped. The mind is an active process, a factory, and the meaning and value of any sensation that comes from an outside source is determined by the reaction the mind has on these ideas and is […]

The Value of Art

The Value of Art   The value of art lies only to the extent that it communicates with us in our time. It has no creative value if it offers nothing that can be appreciated by others.  It might be standardised by rules and fantasies in an equation that the whole world can find acceptable; […]

Reciting Prayers

Reciting Prayers   Joe Clarlesburgh was a ratbag. A 6/7th drunk, otherwise you would have to consider him an alcoholic excepting that Joe had a golden rule. He never drank on Sundays; unless it was a special occasion like a BBQ or someone’s birthday then it was different. The Marlborough Hotel, the only hotel in […]


Loss When you see a person grieving over his loss of a loved one or suffering the melancholy and self-doubt that arises from having endured a great mental or physical loss take care that the appearance you give is not one that you will later regret. By not treating his current situation as if he […]

Three Stories

Three Stories   Dear Reader, let me pose you a question. I met a tourist. He had a fully rigged out RV, not too big, but he definitely liked to travel in comfort. He had come to see the sights of Australia which he figured would take him about two years. This included a couple […]

Of all the Things

Of all the Things   Of all the things which Wisdom procures for our happiness in life by far the greatest is the acquisition of friendship. We ought to look for people to share our time with Before we look for artificial pleasures and indulgences because to do so without a friend is the life […]