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Country Blokes Don’t Say Much

Country Blokes Don’t Say Much   I first saw her a few weeks ago. She was young, maybe about twelve, darker than most and wearing a teal coloured smock in the usual fashion of maybe five sizes too big. She gave me a big smile and a young girl’s wave and ran off. In 1849 […]

The Tradie

The  Tradie   Darwin can be a hot stifling place in both the Dry and Wet season. The temperature remains about the same (33c) all year round. Although I’ve never been there during the rainy season, I have been told by those that have, that the whole region can be unbearable. The humidity is intolerable […]

The Pink Panther and The Croc

The Pink Panther  and The Croc Bob makes model aeroplanes these days. The old bloke’s memory is not quite functioning as well as it may have done in the past. The ravages of too much home brew and a life of adventures and near misses have taken their toll. This little episode happened back in […]

His Dole Money

His Dole Money   He still hasn’t found a job though he has had lots of promises. But today he got his dole money. He brought a single burner cooker and a four-pack of gas cylinders, a frying pan and some food. Hardly able to contain himself he couldn’t get to the free camp quick […]

They Protect This Land

They Protect This Land   There is a deep, silent, life-force that protects this land. That is the guardian of our spirit. Though we profess to seek to improve Instead we let our arrogance control us and we tend to destroy. We do not trouble ourselves to understand. We do not see the adventure that […]

An Un-funny Story

An Un-funny Story   This is a story that a fellow told me whilst we were sitting next to each other at the bar of one of those old, single story pub’s that you find in the outback of North Queensland, all of which boast of a heritage from the 1860’s. You know the ones, […]

Reciting Prayers

Reciting Prayers   Joe Clarlesburgh was a ratbag. A 6/7th drunk, otherwise you would have to consider him an alcoholic excepting that Joe had a golden rule. He never drank on Sundays; unless it was a special occasion like a BBQ or someone’s birthday then it was different. The Marlborough Hotel, the only hotel in […]

These Things

These Things   These things are they miracles Or are they just things I don’t understand. I have no experience. So how do I differentiate? I‘m told I must believe And put my faith in the hypocrite. He is the only one who knows the way And I must follow without a sideways glance. Can […]

Three Stories

Three Stories   Dear Reader, let me pose you a question. I met a tourist. He had a fully rigged out RV, not too big, but he definitely liked to travel in comfort. He had come to see the sights of Australia which he figured would take him about two years. This included a couple […]

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