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Attitudes In both good times and stressful times you should try to keep your attitude the same. See the truth from an overall concept. Look at both points of view. Do not be too tense nor too casual. Keep your concentration. Keep your mind calm, flexible and open. Do not be over whelmed with what […]

Taoism and its resemblance to Buddhism

Taoism and its resemblance to Buddhism. Taoism resembles Buddhism in being entirely free from dogma. Nevertheless, both these religions demand faith, not in particular principles, for then dogma would be present but in the existence of a higher good, and a higher state of being to which it is possible for us all to attain. […]

My apologies

My apologies. I have been travelling through the Never Never between Hayes Creek and the Alice and have not been in either ‘phone or internet range even though I am assured that 97% of the continent is covered by wireless connection. I still have another 1400kms to go before I reach a major town so […]

Talk to me of nothing

Talk to me of nothing And then I know Listen to my inner rumbling And understand my heart Hear things that others treasure And assess their worth Speak you to my soul And I unto yours. Does love have value Other than to those concerned Is caring the quality That makes this thing important Be […]

The Five Efforts

Ultimately the responsibility for the quality of your life is yours and unless you are prepared to accept this obligation no amount of outside help will secure your wellbeing. It is your duty to analyse all the information that is made available to you then assess its value and if it has credibility use it. […]

The Mystic

There is a deep, strange element in the travellers character, which finds no  understanding or knowledge in the stayed, regimented and boring personality of the empire builder, but which is so much in accord with spirituality that he who truly feels it with love is often disposed to limit material possessions and power, if not […]

Be it born

Be it born but never conceived Its manifestations abound, there is nothing Yet it seems there are differences Yet all are one, the same . Confusion and clarity are a definition But only exist when the way Becomes more complicated for those that Do not understand its abundant ways . This laboured depression too soon […]


The expectation of immortality is as obscure as it is interesting. Evidence in favour of a survival of individual consciousness after death is provided from the past by narratives supporting apparitions of the dead. But these stories do not justify by any nature a decisive verdict on their credibility. The moral argument is equally evasive. […]

Give others the opportunity to do well

Be open and receptive to others and listen to what they have to say. Always give them the benefit of any doubt if you have no reason to think otherwise. Make sure that you are discreet in your dealings with others being careful not to belittle their efforts. Never intend to do others harm for […]


It was during one of those cold winter nights that can be so wearisome when you are in the bush. We were in a cabin which afforded us miserable shelter from the merciless weather. The storm raged outside. The tempest roared across the open country. The wind blew with violence and whistled through the cracks […]

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