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Calm. People who live a life are always under pressure. But it is your ability to put things into their right perspective that will enable you to deal with your situation. All those niggling little irritations and ailments that seem to be in your way whenever important decisions or events are happening are very often […]

Stress Free

Stress Free   Whoever lessens his work load and expands his leisure time should  have the common sense enough to use his leisure time to expand his horizons and make it fully productive and thus to  eradicate worry and anxiety altogether. Useless non-productive leisure time and senseless worry reek of foolishness in the list of […]

The Pink Panther and The Croc

The Pink Panther  and The Croc Bob makes model aeroplanes these days. The old bloke’s memory is not quite functioning as well as it may have done in the past. The ravages of too much home brew and a life of adventures and near misses have taken their toll. This little episode happened back in […]

The Steps System

The Steps System.   In times gone by, a man came up with some rather different ways by which he was able to live his life by. Though it was not always so, he, eventually, worked out that if he wanted the world to be a better place he needed to start with himself. So […]

The Mind…An Empty Vessel?

The Mind…An Empty Vessel? The mind is not an empty vessel into which ready-made impressions of external things are dumped. The mind is an active process, a factory, and the meaning and value of any sensation that comes from an outside source is determined by the reaction the mind has on these ideas and is […]


Cheerfulness   One of the major obstacles in the way of a joyful existence is negative talk. For example, speaking mindless chatter when you have nothing to say, except to make noise for no reason other than to be noticed. Swearing, unnecessary criticism and the uttering of profanities can become such an ingrained habit that […]

These Things

These Things   These things are they miracles Or are they just things I don’t understand. I have no experience. So how do I differentiate? I‘m told I must believe And put my faith in the hypocrite. He is the only one who knows the way And I must follow without a sideways glance. Can […]

I’d like to see an end

I’d like to see an end   I’d like to see an end to charity work. I’d like to see an end to old people filling in their days volunteering their labour just to maintain human contact. Performing labour they would not do when they were in the workplace because then their leisure time was […]

Why do we fail in life? Part 3.

Why do we fail in life?  Part 3.   Know yourself. The ability to understand both our strengths and our weaknesses is a tool that none of us can afford to be without; then to let go of our ego sufficiently so that we can look towards others to help where we are weak. Following […]

Why do we fail in life? Part 2.

Why do we fail in life? Part 2. . Continuing excuses   Following on from yesterday’s Post, here are some more of the common excuses for our failures. Choosing the wrong person in marriage. A very common reason for failure. Take care that you have some common ground and similar moral beliefs as an alignment […]