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The Power of Faith

The Power of Faith A little while ago a friend of mine asked me how he could strengthen his beliefs. It seems he was having trouble achieving, within his time restraints, the new goals that he was following. Nothing that he was doing seemed to be working towards achieving these aims. Although, one would have […]

Self-love Denies

Self-love Denies   Self-love denies You are part of creation. You accept our dominion exists for you You put your own interests, pleasures and needs Before the beneficial interests of the universe And the needs of the less fortunate.   Abandon Self-love And Turn this fondness of self Outwards to others And Give them the […]


Calmness.   The use of words, sounds, noises and audible devices as a method of bypassing the conscious to enter the subconscious is very old. In recent times these methods have often got themselves an undeserved reputation because of their exploitation for gain by unscrupulous profiteers. This technique of achieving calmness is simply the use […]


Calm. People who live a life are always under pressure. But it is your ability to put things into their right perspective that will enable you to deal with your situation. All those niggling little irritations and ailments that seem to be in your way whenever important decisions or events are happening are very often […]

The Steps System

The Steps System.   In times gone by, a man came up with some rather different ways by which he was able to live his life by. Though it was not always so, he, eventually, worked out that if he wanted the world to be a better place he needed to start with himself. So […]

These Things

These Things   These things are they miracles Or are they just things I don’t understand. I have no experience. So how do I differentiate? I‘m told I must believe And put my faith in the hypocrite. He is the only one who knows the way And I must follow without a sideways glance. Can […]

I’d like to see an end

I’d like to see an end   I’d like to see an end to charity work. I’d like to see an end to old people filling in their days volunteering their labour just to maintain human contact. Performing labour they would not do when they were in the workplace because then their leisure time was […]

The Nature of Equality Part 1.

The Nature of Equality Part 1.   This post has been written with the intent that some illumination can be shone on a concept of reality so basic and understandable that most of us seem to be totally unaware of its existence. Equality is not a complicated matter. It is available to all. It is […]

Of all the Things

Of all the Things   Of all the things which Wisdom procures for our happiness in life by far the greatest is the acquisition of friendship. We ought to look for people to share our time with Before we look for artificial pleasures and indulgences because to do so without a friend is the life […]

An Attitude of Happiness

An Attitude of Happiness   Those of us that are not happy all the time except on those rare instances when someone close to us dies or a bad incident takes us by surprise; if happiness is not the dominant tone of our ordinary life, it is simply because we do not want it to […]