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Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking.   Wishful thinking can be very upsetting to others. It may remind them of things that they feel they could have and are drawn into the pattern that they can have more than they have earned. They often feel somewhat victimised by our fanciful indulgences that are so often just an excursion into […]


Achievement   A man of great attainment is serene, Free from idle thoughts and cares The sky is his roof, And mortality is his vehicle He drives the seasons as his horses. Ascending through the clouds, He soars beyond all known galaxies, Continually pressing forward, Mind unclouded by inordinate desires, He passes to the heavenly […]

This is Your Blood

This is Your Blood.   This is your blood. Where were they when it mattered? Where were they when it cared? Where were they when it needed tough? Where were they when you could not cope? Where were they when it was dark? Where were they when you were afraid? Where were they when you […]

Reciting Prayers

Reciting Prayers   Joe Clarlesburgh was a ratbag. A 6/7th drunk, otherwise you would have to consider him an alcoholic excepting that Joe had a golden rule. He never drank on Sundays; unless it was a special occasion like a BBQ or someone’s birthday then it was different. The Marlborough Hotel, the only hotel in […]

Of all the Things

Of all the Things   Of all the things which Wisdom procures for our happiness in life by far the greatest is the acquisition of friendship. We ought to look for people to share our time with Before we look for artificial pleasures and indulgences because to do so without a friend is the life […]

A Little Story

A Little Story I was camped at Apple Tree Creek up in Central Queensland, at the end of the rainy season. I had already decided to stay only one night, with so much rain this year the mosquitoes are breeding quicker than rabbits on a golf course and have grown to the size of sparrows. […]

The Orphans Christmas Party. A Christmas Tale

The Orphans Christmas Party   A Christmas Tale   Kirstie, had been one of my dearest friends for over 25 years. So when Roger, Kirstie’s man of honour at her wedding, contacted me that he was taking a week’s holiday in Sydney, I was keen to catch up with him. I had not seen him […]

Mrs. Laxton

Mrs Laxton   “So you’re going on holidays again over the Christmas break, dear?” “Yes, Mum, you know I like to take the public holidays off and go camping with the kids” “Will you be going on Boxing Day as usual?” “I suppose so, that’s the best time. You know what a rush Christmas day […]

Career and Heaven?

Career and Heaven?   I met this distinguished looking gentleman. He was sitting on a park bench under the shade of a Bottlebrush in those beautifully manicured parklands on the edge of Lake Cullulleraine. “Good afternoon, what a beautiful day! I couldn’t think of anything better to do on a day like today” “Indeed no, […]

For all things…

For all things…   I spotted her from the corner of my eye. She was carrying a bucket of water. I’d seen her before. The young woman was dark haired, olive skinned and the most beautiful eyes that have no fear of telling the world what is in her soul. She was endowed with the […]

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