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This Sense of Nature

This sense of nature Words cannot express this sense of nature and its abundant charm and there are very few who acquiring modern culture retain it. It is gradually disappearing from the world. Just as the old delicately sensuous, naive and picturesque type of beauty is. That perfection of naturalness is rapidly vanishing everywhere and […]

Limited Attributes

Limited Attributes   With a finite amount of talent there are those who force their minds and bodies for the sake of money or glory to over extend themselves thereby only to do themselves harm. Instead of demonstrating restraint in the use of one’s powers their peace of mind is replaced by an emphasis on […]

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking.   Wishful thinking can be very upsetting to others. It may remind them of things that they feel they could have and are drawn into the pattern that they can have more than they have earned. They often feel somewhat victimised by our fanciful indulgences that are so often just an excursion into […]

Protecting Your Good Name

Protecting Your Good Name   Neither the protecting of your good name, fame, or your status in society or the high regard in which you are thought off, on the one hand, nor the blame, bad reputation nor failure to attain high rewards on the other, are worth a moment’s care. This understanding guarantees stress […]


Pete   Pete is a swaggie. A colourful character and a part of our history that once made up and still today moulds the Australian identity. Most of us are proud to read about, brag about and belong to this as part of our distinctive heritage, except when it comes to associating with him in […]


Loss When you see a person grieving over his loss of a loved one or suffering the melancholy and self-doubt that arises from having endured a great mental or physical loss take care that the appearance you give is not one that you will later regret. By not treating his current situation as if he […]

The Young Sapling

The Young Sapling   The young sapling often under unfavourable influences is persuaded from the old ways and is caught somewhere between the old and the new. He rarely seems to grow stronger but becomes caught in a maze of two cultures. Taking on the worst that each has to offer. Their personalities doing the […]

The Incident at Bushy Parker

The Incident at Bushy Parker Bushy Parker has got a nice wide creek running alongside it with beautiful clear water; no debris and no pollution. At some point someone has tied a strong rope to one of the larger branches of a sturdy River tree. If you are young enough to shimmy along the branch […]

Follow the Thought

Follow the Thought   Follow the thought, young man And give it kindling And the flames will rise and get brighter With time the more you feed the flames The more intense you will feel its heat It will warm you and give you light and Direction on a cold night.   But if you […]

The Larrikin

The Larrikin.   My mate Bob got done for D.U.I. the other day. It seems the Landsborough hotel was the catalyst. To go back a little. The hotel’s business has been a little shabby lately, according to the publican not because of his expertise in running a hotel but because of the way that Julia […]

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