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Pete   Pete is a swaggie. A colourful character and a part of our history that once made up and still today moulds the Australian identity. Most of us are proud to read about, brag about and belong to this as part of our distinctive heritage, except when it comes to associating with him in […]

They Protect This Land

They Protect This Land   There is a deep, silent, life-force that protects this land. That is the guardian of our spirit. Though we profess to seek to improve Instead we let our arrogance control us and we tend to destroy. We do not trouble ourselves to understand. We do not see the adventure that […]

An Un-funny Story

An Un-funny Story   This is a story that a fellow told me whilst we were sitting next to each other at the bar of one of those old, single story pub’s that you find in the outback of North Queensland, all of which boast of a heritage from the 1860’s. You know the ones, […]

Three Stories

Three Stories   Dear Reader, let me pose you a question. I met a tourist. He had a fully rigged out RV, not too big, but he definitely liked to travel in comfort. He had come to see the sights of Australia which he figured would take him about two years. This included a couple […]

Ariah Park

Ariah Park     “Old is old. There is no getting ‘round it.” She viewed herself in the bathroom mirror. “Maybe these lights are too bright or maybe a touch more make-up, no, old is old.” Wendy-Ann Hogstead had the same job for 30 years. A good, well paid position with Helmsley, Helmsley & Helmsley […]

The Incident at Bushy Parker

The Incident at Bushy Parker Bushy Parker has got a nice wide creek running alongside it with beautiful clear water; no debris and no pollution. At some point someone has tied a strong rope to one of the larger branches of a sturdy River tree. If you are young enough to shimmy along the branch […]

The Corner

The Corner   He sits in the corner of the bar. Always in the same place. It’s his spot. Nowhere else feels comfortable. Everyone who frequents the hotel knows that this is his place. Every day at happy hour the bar staff makes sure that “his” spot is not occupied. Not that any of the […]

Daybreak in Paradise

Daybreak in Paradise   Thick, colourless morning mist slowly rose over the valley turning it to ghostly grey and leaving behind the darkness that was night. Vague, abstract shapes of the day-world began to appear creating moment by moment a difference to the entire shadow of the yet to be perceived. The aspect of blackness […]

The Matrons Ball

The Matrons Ball   You get Driver Reviver stops all over the country. These are places where different community groups serve free coffee, tea and cordial and a small packet of sweet biscuits, if you are that way inclined. They are usually tiny buildings built in rest centres and are aimed at encouraging drivers who […]